Naija Habits- Score Yourself

naija habitsHow many did you do as a child ? Do you still do any? If you score 3 or below abeg return your naija passport & go to Togo!

1) Dip the bread inside the tea?

2) Mix d entire white rice nd stew before eating

3) Pour dry garri on ur beans porridge

4) Share d meat nd let d eldest pick first

5) Crack di bone and suck out di marrow

6) Can’t eat d meat until you finish di food

7) Put di morning tea inside the freezer to block

8 ) Bite di crown and put it into di bottle of coke

9) Use di meat to finish di remaining eba

10) Put di medicine inside di roll of eba

11) Licking d plate with ur tongue


Seven Habits of the Nigerian Police Force

1.Fleecing motorists of money (aka Roger, anything for the boys, happy weekend)

2.Illegally arresting people for roaming

3.Always parading suspects in the media (to show they are working)

4.Extra judicial killings (aka accidental discharge)

5.Mounting illegal and often dangerous road blocks

6.Inability to solve crime

7.Breaking traffic laws


–original by by Gbenga Badejo

1 comment for “Naija Habits- Score Yourself

  1. Okafor Joy
    October 1, 2015 at 8:39 am

    I did almost all.Lol

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