Naija Govt Pay N451b subsidy arrears. Alleys fears over fuel scarcity

Nigerian News -fuel subsidy arrears paid




Govenment people dey say make we no fear for fuel scarcity because dem don N451billion naira of the N888 billion naira fuel subsidy vote for budget. Half gbese don go , remain half. Ministry of finance say asthe estimate wey NNPC/PPRA give for 2011 na N232 billion. govment don pay almost double still yet dem still dey bring more receipt de make claim. Haba! I no go pass standard five for face-me-i-face-u internatioanl school but even me sef know if you dis maths scatter. See as dis people dell call money do drop billion as if na ijebu garri be d currency. Anyway finance minstry people say dem go shine eye for the receipts and if marketer receipt passthe etst dem go get thier money. So fake receipt dey? People dey enjoy for naija o. Paul Nwabuikwu special assistant to minister of fine say , dem go put strong framework to make sure say fuel subsidy dey go smoothly. Hmm! abeg Marketer vacancy dey? Naija Tori wan do marketer too , hook your peeps 🙂


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