Naija Gospel -You Cannot Be Grateful To God Unless…….By Rev. Uma Ukpai

uma ukpai naija gospelI was amused when a sister came to me and said ‘Daddy I was used to be very fat, now I am so slim, pray to God that I may be fat again’. I was shocked because those of use who are fat want to be slim. There are people who are never happy with what God has given them. Nigerian women don’t like their hair texture again; they want John the Baptist style, Brazilian style, with the money that can buy them a plot of land in the village. As long as you have this feeling, you cannot be grateful to God.

Men and brethren, Life has three enemies; the first one is regret. Do you regret not been tall like Goliath. What is it in life that makes you feel you are not what you should be? I want you to hear me, it is not what happens to you that matters but what happens in you because of what happened to you. The way God made you is enough to allow you to fulfil the purpose of your creation.

The second enemy is worry about tomorrow’s problems. Some people are afraid of cancer, afraid of premature death, they are afraid of things that have not even happened; making their lives unnecessarily miserable. Don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will surely take care of itself.

The third enemy is ungratefulness. Some people are ungrateful to the blessings of today. It does not matter what you are going through because it could have been worse. How many of you know that our God have a great tomorrow for you. Some of you may have come from a family were people look down on you, talk down on you; they don’t believe you have a future. In 1998, I went to the Chief of my village to tell him that about tomorrow, the Governor of my state will be here to lay the foundation of 100 bed hospital that we are about to build. He looked at me and assessed and studied me and said Uma. You must have gone mad, great people have not done that and stupid preacher like you wants to do the impossible. Boy oh boy, the next day as the siren was announcing the arrival of the Governor, the Chief had to dress up hastily without brushing up his teeth to meet the Governor. I announce to you today that God shall make all your enemies liars. I see you now as a potential commander of power and wealth because God shall empower you financially to support His work” Daddy Uma

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    thank you sir i love this is wonderful.

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    This Message Touches My Heart

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    This Message Is So Interesting

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    it touches my heart

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    It is so touching. It just like me ” i am short my school mate look down on on me and i wonder why am like this

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