Naija Gospel- Di Tin Wey God Go Ask You That Day!

nigerian gospel photoGod no go ask which kin car you drive, weda na Baby Benz or End of Discussion , e no matter. Instead im go ask you how many people wey no get transport wey you assist.
God no go ask how much overtime you do for work but weda you work over time with your family and loved ones matter.
God no go ask you how you hussle help yourself but im go ask how you take help oda people.
God no go ask how many friends you get but how many were you true friend to, how many you be dia personal person.
God no go ask you wetin you do to protect yaself but go ask wetinn you do to help protect di rights of oda people
God no go ask no go ask how many time the tin wey you do match the tin wey you say but how many times e no match.
person only get one life to live, make we dey tink not only of ourself but oda people also, to selfish bad to share good. No be only Sunday we suppose to share good words like dis so here is my saturday gift to you.Laughing

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