Naija Gospel- 7 levels of Intensity of Prayers Dr. Uma Ukapi

Naija Minister OF God- Reverend Dr. Uma Ukpai

uma ukpai naija gospel“To know and not to do is not to know. I will spend time showing you the mechanics and the dynamics and the kingdom nuggets by revelation and testimonies. But first, you must realise that the shortest distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between your kneel and the floor. It is important that you understand the mysteries of prayers and how to storm heaven for your miracle.

Iwill therefore repeat the ever new message about the 7 levels of Intensity of Prayers.

Number One. ‘Ask’ Mathew 7:7. Asking prayer is to put a question that demands an answer. It means to make a request, it means to expect or demand an explanation from God. The scripture is clear that we don’t have because we don’t ask. Number Two. ‘Seek’ To seek is to locate or discover, for unless you locate your placement in life, which is your location through the direction of the HolySpirit; you cannot possess your possessions. Therefore, to seek is to endeavour to obtain or reach God to supply your needs according to His riches in glory. Number Three. ‘Knock’ This is the beginning of confronting your confrontations. To knock is to affect your generation in a unique way by spiritual stubbornness. It is the ability to collide forces with forces, for when power meets with power, the lower power must bow to the higher power. It takes a knocking prayer to take hold of destiny by force. Mathew 11:12. Number Four. ‘Fasting’ This is the period of abstention or self denial. It can be food or anything that you gain pleasure doing. It must be conducted in the atmosphere of doing business with God. Daniel 9:3. There are problems that wont just go away until you enter into this realm. Number Five. ‘Vowing to change your circumstances’ To vow is a voluntary offering to God demanding that your life status be changed. And Jacob vowed a vow. Gen 28:20. It is giving an assignment to your offerings and sending it as dove to reach heaven. Number Six. ‘Liquid Petition’ Weeping prayer is powerful. It is an act of self abandonment. Psalm 30:5. When your enemies have mocked you like they did to Hannah, 1 Samuel 1:15-20; When your situations have refused to answer the everyday sunday school prayer. When it seems that defeat is eminent and there is no one to run to. This is the prayer that moves heaven to attend to your supplications. Number Seven. ‘Wrestling with God’. This is the prayer of telling God, I will never let you go unless you bless me. It does not matter how many years it will take, I will hold on to you. You have to change my name to change my circumstances; it is you telling God this is the final full stop of my stress and failure. May you be set free as you apply these words” Daddy Uma

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