Naija Tori -Na Nigeria Garden of Eden been dey!

Naija garden of Eden


Help me hear o, I no know weda dis tori old but I dey patrol internet come see for Amazon one book wey two  academic researchersa naija woman Professor Catherine Acholonu-Olumba and Mr. Ajay Prabhakar, Country Ambassador and Programmes Co-ordinator respectively for the United Nations Forum of Arts and Culture say dem dey set to prove that di biblical garden of eden dey CRoss River State. Mbok! Di details dey inside the book wey dem write called ‘ The Gram Code of African Adam’

Dey say na 4 years of research and di tin wey dey discovcer be say the joining of river Niger and Benue na the geometric centre of the eart hand that naija na di place for bible wey dem call garden of Eden . Alok village and its environs, Cross River and infact Nigeria as a whole be the place where Adam and Eve leave before God drive dem comot.

Naija no dey carry last! Na wa o, na im be say the forbiden tree de somewhere inside Cross River dia, aunty adam and uncle Eve go dey chop. Trust naija people, dem no dey hear word no be today.


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