Naija Tori -Linda Ikeji Think say Mark Zuckerberg is cheap

Linda Ikeji, una remember am? She been contest Miss Naija one time, I no tink she win but she dey write blog now. Linda think say Mark dey do like Ijebu, dey yarn for her blog say Mark kuza level reach $20bn and na common ordinary $50k ring wey im buy for im wife, say de ring sef no even get diamond inside. She continue dey yarn say de babe dress na off the rack and as the marriage come dey before facebook go public de new wife no go see Mark kobo if dem divorce later.

Bia, sister Linda, which kin nonsence you dey talk so. First of all which one concern you inside this matter. The boy go use the whole money buy ring again? Which one dem go take chop? $50k ring never do you? How you go come dey drink panadol for anoda person headache , even when de person sef no get headache. As if dat wan never bad reach come dey predict divorce,tufia, back to sender!. Everybody go come dey tink say all naija womens dem be like you , like say you dey speak for dem.

Make you stop this kin talk o, if na joke you dey joke put LOL for the end of your yarns! Na advice I just dey give you, if you no want am make you go hog transformer!

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