How To Know Say You Get Chinese Phone

1-The battery gets full after 3 minutes of charging

2-Na so so two sims dey inside

3-The phone has a tv, microwave, nail cutter, separate speakers, toothbrush, lighter , all inside

5-Your text messages can be written with  toothpick

6-There is some spelling mistakes e.g,Nokla,SamVang, Darkberry, iporn

7-You dey inside club dey buble and you can still hear the caller.

Excuse Me dance

Two Girls were sitting at a club. One was ugly and the other one was beautiful.

Pappisco walked straight to the ugly girl.

Pappisco: Hi!

Girl: Hi!!

Pappisco: Wanna dance?

Girl: Yes (so excited)

Boy: Okay, go and dance there, I wanna talk to ur friend….(bad guy!)

Where two or three are gathered

Where 2 or 3 Yoruba people are gathered IJEBU GARRI must be there,

Where 2 or 3 Isoko people are gathered OGOGORO must be there,

Where 2 or 3 Hausa men are gathered GORO must be there,

Where 2 or 3 Calabar people are gathered DOG MEAT must be there

where 2 or 3 fulani people are gathered, MANSHANU must be there

Then where 2 or 3 Igbo men are gathered what must be there??? ….MONEY!!! 🙂

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  1. January 6, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Funny enough

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