International News – Woman Spends $15,000 on Butt Injections



Na who talk say Ikebe no super? A woman who dey call hersef Vanity Wonder spend $15k  dey make sure her ‘defence’ dey gidigba. She for call hersef ‘ Pentagon Queen’ becos di  her defence budget almost rival di real pentagon. Di matter no end dia , na gbanjo ikebe injection she dey get, madam wonder dey go black market , inner cucus places wey no get licence  dey risk her life becos she get idi-rexia no be annorexia o, be like sey she go dey look mirror dey dey ‘ah , e never big reach’ den go anoda backyard go get her injection. Madness no be only when person pull cloth o.

Madam wonder who come from midwest america and two two pikin sey she dey addicted and don write book wey she call ‘SHOT GIRLS’ she say she shed light for all the secreate underworl china market of ikebe injection make young girls no go fall inside trap like her. Story . Story , Story! Me tink say madam wonder no get money for more injection, dis book get noting to do wit helping anybody only her pocket. How person go dey carry that kind load for back, odas dey try do excersice to reduce dia own. WEll Madam wonder, naija tori dey wish you goodluck (not jona) on your way to Idi-Arabaaaa!


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