International News- Spain Royal Family To Take Pay Cut

king Carlos of Spain and son FelipeJonah & National Assembly una dey hear??? As economy dey bad , everyone for Spain dey tight belle even including Kabiesi and all im family. The king go lose almost 292 euros from im annual salary, dis na serious money, di man go still get money but no how wey im no go feel dis one small. Dis one no be di one wey Jonah talk say small money go comot from basic salary wey dem no go feel and no go amount to anything. Anyway na naija way , na today dey yansh dey for back?

So as di people of Spain dey plan dia life, how dem go take comot from depression and recession, wetin  go happen for naija? Poverty dey make big man feel bigger so which plan go dey to reduce di money and increase di one for small man . Jonah and co. limited make una see Spain dey follow better example o oda wise, wahala fit dey because e get as hunger go reach and big man with big car and house go face naija springTongue Out no quote naija tori sha Big Smile !

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