International News- Raffle To determine Who Will Receive Salary First

funny newsArgentina people don kolo, see wetin recession dey cause. Di mayor of Bialet Masse, Gustavo Pueyo, for radio broadcast from Buenos Aires annouce say because di town no get money no be all civil servants go  get salary and to know if you go set salary na through raffle draw!

Di first raffle draw don happen and 23 luck lucky people out of 92 employee win jackpot of dia salary, anoda raffle go happen again on Monday. LWKMD , if no be say dis na people real life di story go funny well well, so after person don work finish na prayer next make you win lottery to get salary.

Di way naija money dey disaapear on exotic cars and foreign trips make people no suprise if dis new lottery go reach our country.

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