International News.- Pickpockets Too Dey Prepare For Olympics

olympic pickpockets Dis na serious matter oo.As olympians dey excersice and practice na so  pick pockets from Romania dey update dia skill dey do research sef, ready to storm London. Di mumu boys and girls dey show dia face for BBC camera dey talk of how dem dey too quick and people for London no go know sey dia wallet and phone don disappear. Dem carry di BBC reporter go cyber cafe dey do research to find the closest shopping complex to games venue i.e were dia market go dey. After dey steal , na Romania black market everything go land.

Because Romania don join EU and schengen cover dem , no need for visa. The mumu people no even think as di whole world plus british police and immigration don see dia face plus all di evidence of di demostration how dem dey thief. Romania, Scotland yard dey wait for you! Infact those wey come early to london police don sniff dem out they arrest dem before di olympic start.

Just incase police no catch all of dem, if you dey go Olympics hold ya bag tight o, dey check ya pocket from time to time. Dis boys thief di reporter wallet as e dey interview dem , di man no even feel anything. Dey talk say dem dey go London go win dia own gold…ka ching!!

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    April 20, 2017 at 11:39 pm


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