International News: Mumu Robs Fast Food Shop Where He works; Everybody Recognised Him

naija fast food roberyI no dey support thief but men, if person wan thief make sure say you get some game plan lay down,  get away car go dey, better disguise etc. Zackary Dexter Pace, 24, from Pinson who dey work for Jacks fast food restaurant, im close from work , small time come back with one yeye mask for face wey you fit see the outline of im face plus im eyes. E come dey demand for money, ” I am robbing this place”. Di collegues come dey laugh think say na joke, dey call him name. Zacky bobo cool down, dis ya joke funny. Next thing Zack get gun, jump counter collect money runaway.

First of all bro Zac, if you wan thief, no go your own office wey everybody sabi di wey you look, dey see you everyday, know ya voice. The mumu no even change voice, all di collegues dey call im name e come dey doo like say no be am. Next thing mumu do be say on di Monday when police dey collect statement from co-worker Zac stroll come work say im come greet im collegues as if say nothing happen. Police arrect di hegoat on di spot.

“charged with first-degree robbery after investigators said he held up his co-workers at gunpoint wearing a disguise so bad that they thought he was playing a practical joke.


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