International News- Greeks Withdraw Cash Before Vote

International News- Greek withdraws money photoEye don read for Greece, you blame dem? News dey report say dem don dey buy food like spagetti and canned food plenty plus dey storm ATM they collect dia last card before election on Sunday. Bankers dey sey up to 800 million Euros ($1 billion) don disappear from account daily. Dem dey prepare to occupy dia house if yawa gas. Greek people dey on kind deep shit wey no get part two, dem dey fear to return to dia own curreny drachma. Why dem dey fear? No be dia money? Dey like all di awoof wey dey get under euro, dey borrow money no know say dem go pay back one day. Nonsence, Greece! No credit today, come back tomorw, meanwhile pay back di gbese you collect dey build dey buy cars , una hear?

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