International News- Chinese guy dies after 11 Nights No Sleep Watching Euro 2012

chiese guy dies euro 2012 photoNa wa oo, gone too soon becos of Euro 2012. Jiang Xiaoshan 26yr old bobo like footbal so tey because of timing im go dey awake till 5am dey watch match, then go home prepare for work. No sleep!  E dey support England and France (better pikin) and died from Chronic exaustion combined with alcholo and tobacco(see wahala?). Afterer di ireland vs Italy match , report say di boy go home, Shower, sleep and no wake up gain. Na so china bobo go meet im maker be dat o.

Di first tin person go tink be say see mugu, but as football fans were dey inside inside di game , dem go fit do and undo becos of football. Poor boy, life and football don finsh for im side. People wey dey make di money dey make am! dis one just finish im life like dat. Naija people make una take am easy o before person go see imself For gate com tell angel Gabriel say na too much football bring you dia.

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