International News – Bishop Eddie Long, Headed For Divorce & Stepping Away From The Pulpit.

bishop eddie long photoAnother one bites di dust! Yahoo news de report say church know no wetin go happen now as pastor wan step away from pulpit. E don reach like one year when di Mega church Bishop with swagg was accused of sexual misbehaviour by former memeber of im church. After about eight months di pastor com settle di boys wey accuse am with money wey nobody know how much, na dia tori com get k-leg becos before dat time everyone dey im side, di wife and church member stand with am but now di story na divorce after 21 years of marriage and pastor no dey preach again.

As Kris Okotie dey drop bombshell for naija na so Bishop Long dey announce on di same Sunday at  New Birth Missionary Baptist Church say im need break from preaching make im face im family. Now confusion don enter di church wey get up to 25, 000 members at one time, membership now dey reduce and di future no dey certain.  People stop to dey worship pastor, na human being like you, salvation is personal, everyman to ya tent and God for us all, amen!


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