Naija Politics – I May Run In 2015, Says Buhari

Nigerian News .-Buhari to contest 2015 election




Since naija return to democracy Buhari dey conest election and everytime e no dey win, now e wan contest again. Na so im go dey so so contest even di year wey im no contest im name go dey ballot like jamb dey do those day. E get wan girl wey don write jamd 4 times , e com vex say e no dey write again still yet jamb send am result 🙂 . If Buhari no win for 2015  I get suggestion, make Goodluck change di name of INEC to Mohammadu Buhari Electoral Commission (MBEC) since na only to o dey change name and chop money Goodluck sabi do.

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    October 18, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    I Lv naija

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