Naija Politics -House Set To Investigate Malabu Oil Deal

Oyell, ororo, mmanu, money laundering, back hand deal or no deal. When dis people donĀ  milk naija finish shey everybody go siddon rest abi? Media report recently dey point finger at some presidential officials say about $ 1.1billion out of court settlement wey be money from saleĀ  of some Shell and Agip consortium. Allegedly di money do eyes right enter account of Malabu Oyell owned by Dan Etete on di oda of oga presido Jonah.

Di wey dis people dey call money!! I dey imagine say oga presido after im chop cassava go dey use toothpick clean teeth com dey shout .patience !! dame ! find me small 1 billion dollars dia make I clean mouth jare. Now National Assembly wan investigate. Na investigate for the betterment of the masses or investigate to find dia share. Anywho God speed!

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