Naija Business -Fishing: Chinese gradually taken over Nigerian waters


China people don come again o. The Don dada (CEO) for Fiki Marine Mr. Taofik Balogun talk for Vanguard say Chinese people don come naija water dey carry our fish go. Mr. Balogun dey wonder say how them go live China, come all the way to naija , enter sea begin catch our fish. E talk say make our govment explore our full potential wey go benefit us. E also take style market him company say den dey provide boats wey naija people fit rent go dey catch fish too (sharp guy!).

Imagine ! Our own naija people never see food chop finish, awon China people come dey collect the small one wey we get. I tire oo, Na we say make dem reach 1billion people for China? Who dey give them visa? Our govmen just dey continually phuck up. Make una check yourself dey shine ya eye o, before you go hear say your govunor don sell you and your family to Chinese people.

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