Niger News -Bombings: Jonathan cancels Democracy Day ceremony

Wonders shall never cease! Speculative grapevines dey report say Presido Goodluck Johna and im people cancel thier democrazy day celebration sake of say fear dey catch dem . Presido people dey deny, de swear up swear down say no be because of fear, dem say na because of the mood of the country , democracy day go be low key; story! Since the day wey naija born democracy day in d year of our lord 2000 party dey eagle square but today ..babaas! Goodluck Jonah don break record at least that record go enter CV as nothing agin dey . As we hate boko haram finish at least dey don achieve one tin, dem don save naija about 100 million wey dem for take organise democracy day for abuja. So na speech and address we go chop?  Ok, i see, na im e take vex rename unilag to Moshood Abiola University 🙂 Oga Jonah oo, no be unilag student be boko haram abeg! Give our school im name back ehn.

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  1. February 13, 2016 at 11:17 am

    quite laughable, and the Nigerian goenremvnt should not claim they were not expecting this. In all honesty Indian customer care employees are the cheapest in terms of salary package. That’s why the US also outsource some of their customer care functions to Indian. If the Nigerians want to protest, all they have to do is boycott Airtel service, Kapish!!! Better move to Etisalat and not MTN, in order not to give MTN monopoly power.

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