Naija News -Be Ready For Fire For Fire If Dialogue Fails, Gowon Tells Boko Haram






Former military oga, Yakubu Gowon talk for inside transformation watch say make Boko Haram siddon talk with naija govment, odawise, na option 2 level go shele which na ‘fire for fire’. Gowon talk this one wen e dey give speech for opening cerimoni of the 2012 Oyo state education summit in Mokola , Ibadan.

Gowon still dey naija govment? E dey sound warning, dey do grags, dey flex. Oga easy o, make Boko boys no hear dis one go dey bomb ordinary naija people wey no talk anything sake of say den dey vex because of you. If govment wan do fire for fire sha we get small advice; make dem first tish our police and army people how to shoot gun sake of all the too much accidental discharge wey dey happen everytime.

Scenario:-Oga olokpa see Boko Haram for ya right hand side , as e wan pull gun shoot Boko, e go discharge bullet injure twelve people first. Abeg ooo!

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