Akpors Don Upgrade O

EKAITTE: Why is your shirt having another lady’s perfume?

AKPORS: That querry is rather rhetorical.. However I detest what you are insinuating.

EKAITTE: Are you cheating on me?

AKPORS: I haven’t breached our matrimonial vows. Just shared a lift with a lady and her scent must have diffused and precipitated to form residue on my shirt. Just physics at play. How many times must I recycle the utterance that your genitials are the sole destination of my seminal fluids?

EKAITTE: You are no longer the man I thought you were. Lets call it quits!

AKPORS: You want us to diverge because your nose buds registered a foreign scent? I said I will abide by you better or worse, but this has surpassed the worse parameter and has encroached into the insanity zone which was not provided for in the vows.. Anyway, have your way, lets break up!

EKAITTE: Aaawww baby, I was just jealous.. I’m sorry!

AKPORS: I repel your remorse sensations.. Your infedelity claims have battered me therefore Kindly please radiate with your belongings from the vicinity of my bungalow at a simmillar speed to light before the personnel of a security firm forcefully does it.


Guess Work

Andrew a Lawyer…its Legal.

Anthony a Doctor…its Healthy.

Sule a Policeman…its Secure.

Moji an Actor…its Thrilling.

Ayo an Artist…its Creative.

Chukwuma a Businessman…i ts Profitable.

John a Teacher…its Educative.

Peter a Pastor…its Spiritual.

Ebele an Accountant…it s Financial.

Princess an Author…its Adventrous.

Daniel a Musician…its Romantic.

Akpos a Politician…It’s……???? (Barawo, Cheating, stealing, liar …….! )

*fill in the blank space


Wicked Guy

A bus carrying many people crashed on an icy road, burst into flames, and killed everyone. Upon arrival in heaven, God says “Since you have died in a terrible way, I’ll grant you one wish before I let you into heaven.” The first woman, being a person always concerned on her looks, comes up to God and says “I wish to be beautiful.” God grants her wish. The next person can’t decide on what to wish for so ends up wishing for the same thing. At this point Apkors at the very back of the line starts to laugh. The next couple of people make their wish to become beautiful and Apkors at the end laughs even louder.One after another the people wish the same thing and the closer God gets to the end of the line, the harder Apkors

laughs. When God finally reaches him, he asks “What is your wish my son?” Akpors says, “Make them all ugly again!”

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    smart guy

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    u dey wicked

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