Naija News- Air Conditioned pedestrian bridge for Abeokuta residents


Naija news -Aircondition Pedestrian bridge

Naija News - courtesy totally cool pix

Govunor Amosun been announce say im go build the first pedestrian bridge for Abeokuta, Naija and di bridge go get aircon inside. Haahaha, at least if you never chop for Abeokuta, life no too bad  you fit enter main road, climb  pedestrain bridge and cold breeze go cool your belle down.  Premium times report de guvnor make dis announcement when im dey commission  a 2.5kn Ibara-Ita-Eko road for Abeokuta wey cost a total of N1.3billion naira. De pedestrian bridge go be around Ibara roundabout . Abeokuta people una lucky o, if una list your problems, airconditioned bridge na number one. E be like say govnor go Dubia recently see aircondtion pedestrain bridge. Na who you wan impress for country wey poverty no get part two? Goovunor, make I advise you , enter car , drive round abeotuka , shine your eyes well, then go home, pray to God and ask am make e give you common sence to know weting people need wey go better thier life.  Guvnor don blow N1.3billion naira for road  now na aircon bridge wey nepa go dey take light anyhow and the tin no go work and when e work e go the shorten the nepa ration of people wey dey house. Na wa o!



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    September 10, 2015 at 5:07 pm

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  2. July 5, 2016 at 9:52 am

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